Sunday, 9 October 2011

Announce: Reference Resolver add-on for ExtVal

The Reference Resolver add-on for MyFaces Extensions Validator project adds the possibility to define your own reference resolver for the cross field validation option. See my previous text for some intro about cross field validation.

By default, the Apache commons JEXL engine is used to resolve the references which are defined. This allows the definition of very powerful references and in the same time keep backwards compatibility with the standard resolving of ExtVal.
The egine allowed me to create a feature which I called dynamic references.  These nested expressions allows to have EL expressions that are defined at runtime.

The documentation of the add-on can be found here.
The source code is put on bitbucket with the rest of the ExtVal add-ons.
The add-on is available as maven dependency in the os890-m2-repository project of google code.
You can find examples in the integration test project in the source code and soon I'll post here an example of using MBeans as validation target.

Have fun with it.

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