Monday 13 April 2015

Native GridLayout component in PrimeFaces 5.2 (panelGrid)


A while ago, I blogged here about the GridLayout component for JSF 2.X which allow you to have the responsive layout using DIV structure with CSS classes from Bootstrap or PrimeFaces. 

In the recent PrimeFaces 5.2, the panelGrid component is improved so that you can have the same functionality. 


With the new version, you can specify the CSS column class yourself, which allows you to have columns of different width.

So now it is possible to write something like this 

<p:panelGrid columns="2" columnClasses="ui-grid-col-8, ui-grid-col-4" style="width: 100%" layout="grid">

    <h:outputLabel value="First Column"/>

    <h:outputLabel value="Second Column"/>
And have 2 columns, the first twice as wide as the second one.

The old functionality is still available, so if you don't specify any columnClasses in the above example, both columns have the same width.

So if you are using PrimeFaces, there is no need anymore for my GridLayout component, unless you want to use twitter bootstrap CSS classes.

That is all for now about the new primeFaces 5.2. Enjoy it.

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